At Midas Revenue, we’re a tight-knit, highly-skilled team who’s passionate about helping top-notch real estate agents build businesses that allow them to focus on what they love: changing their clients’ lives and cashing commission checks (in whichever order you’d like!).

We’re experts in the world of social media and real estate, giving us a unique perspective on how to build a strong, growing list of clients. From the initial outreach to setting an appointment, we’re here to guide every step of the way. With our Consistent Commission System, we take on all the legwork for you so all you need to do is meet with your new clients and close the deal.

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Who We Work With

Just like you, we have a certain type of client we work best with. Doing business together is more than just dollars and cents to us - it’s a partnership and these are the partners we look for.

  • Real Estate professional looking to build your clientele
  • ​Know the value you bring your clients and hold to it
  • ​See the value in social media marketing (and doing it right)
  • ​At a place in your business where you can handle an influx of clients
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